Yoga and Bio-Energetics for People with Anxiety
July 30 (Monday) at 7:15 pm

15 spots left

Jenny Cutler Lopez
Class length
1 hour 15 minutes
Chakra Studio
July 30 th Monday 7:15 pm
August 6 th Monday 7:15 pm
August 13 th Monday 7:15 pm
August 20 th Monday 7:15 pm

75 minute class: 7:15 – 8:30
$80 for Module 1 /Four Week Series (payment will be taken at the beginning of the first class)

All 4 classes must be attended.

Jenny is a is a RYT 200 and Reiki Master. She is currently training as a Core Energetics practitioner and Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Through her own journey and first-hand experiences, Jenny
discovered the transformative benefits of bioenergetic body movement and yogic traditions working in unity for personal healing. With a deep passion, she offers classes to share how we can accept and transform our energy by connecting and healing the linkages between physical ailments and emotional trauma, unconscious resistances, and spiritual dis-ease. Jenny lives in Windham, New Hampshire.

Class Description Yoga and Bio-Energetics for People with Anxiety is a specialty series for people seeking respite from daily anxiety. Racing thoughts, feeling all your feelings at once, difficulty catching your breath, and feeling overwhelmed and out of control are common manifestations of excess and blocked energy in your body.

Led by RYT and Reiki Master Jenny Cutler Lopez, this series offers you the space to learn bio-energetic techniques and yoga (asanas, meditation, self-inquiry, and breathwork) so you can take these new skills home to reduce your anxiety in a very real way.

This is a 4 week summer series. Each class is 75 minutes. Class size is limited to 14 students. Each
student is asked to bring a journal, pen, and yoga mat.

Class One Description:
Pranayama. Breathwork is a core component of bioenergetics and yoga because through breathing techniques, we can consciously align our mind and body as one, bringing into a para-sympathetic state.
This class will focus on three different types of breathing techniques we can easily use in our daily lives when we feel rising anxiety. This class also includes meditation, restorative yoga postures, and guided visualization.

Class Two Description:
Grounding and Your First Chakra: When we are grounded, we feel focused and calm and in control of our situation. In this class, we focus on grounding asanas, breathwork, and meditation, music, and bio-energetic alignment from our feet to our root/first chakra to our crown chakra.

Class Three Description:
Imperfection, ‘The Voice’, and Your Third Chakra: You hold your true power in your third chakra.
Sometimes if we feel out of control, we tend to contract this area of our stomach and hold excess
energy and anxiety in our solar plexus and stomach. In the series third class, we talk about our inner judgmental voice, how we can begin to physically feel into our true power, and contain and discharge our anxiety in a healthy way using asanas, bio-energetics, and visualization.

Class Four Description:
Using Your Voice and the Fifth Chakra: Many women live with thyroid issues and chronic tension in their shoulders. We hold this frozen energy in our throats and upper backs because we contract our throat chakras and voices. This class will focus on the importance of vibrations, using our voices, asanas to open our throat chakra, and the use of sound in our everyday lives to reduce our anxiety.

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